Image of C/R Clutch
Image of C/R Clutch

C/R Clutch

The C/R Clutch is a new form for our range. A statement piece reminiscent of an old canadian Maple Syrup bottle, we have re contextualised its size and shape and added a contemporary feel through the application of our custom glazes.
Available in different sizes, colours and iterations of this initial piece enquires are always welcome.

Approx Height: 14.5 - 20 cm

Approx Body Diameter: 11 cm - 18cm
Made from Stoneware clay suitable for domestic or commercial use
All items are handmade
Dishwasher and food safe, wash with care.

#Not all items are in stock at all times. As soon as your order is received we'll let you know when it will ship, however, if not in stock please allow up to four weeks for your piece/s to be made + delivery.