Image of Matte Maroon Dinner Bowls

Matte Maroon Dinner Bowls

The darker glaze on these bowls adds an extra sense of decadence for the eating experience. Designed with the culinary community in mind, the distinct colour and matte finish brings a certain elegance and class to any dinner party setting.

Available singularly or in sets of 4 or 6

Approx Height: 9cm
Approx Diameter: 19cm
* * *
Made from Stoneware clay suitable for domestic or commercial use
All items are handmade on the wheel
Dishwasher and food safe, wash with care.
#Not all items are in stock at all times. As soon as your order is received we'll let you know when it will ship, however, if not in stock please allow up to four weeks for your piece/s to be made + delivery.

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